The Busatte - Tempesta trail


20. Busatte – Tempesta Trail, a classic of Garda Trentino


Nick Bandy

July 12, 2018 · Community
Nice walk with great views. The Torbole end you do have a bit of a steep walk up from the town if you don't park at the car park at the top. If you do park at the top then you have a climb at the end.... The walk itself is all on either gravel or metal stairs and to give you an idea I passed a school party of 7 year olds. At the Tempeste end turn right to get to the bus stop which is maybe 5 mins walk. The buses are hourly in the day and cost 2.10 into Torbole. If you have to wait for a while then walk past the bus stop, cross the road, go down the little lane on the left until the big gates and there is a gate on the right into a tiny little public beach where you can sit and dangle your hot feet into the cooling lake. It is about 5 mins walk from the bus stop. I found that Google maps prediction for the bus arrival time was precisely accurate which is reassuring.
Great views
Great views
Photo: Nick Bandy, Community
Easy gravel path
Easy gravel path
Photo: Nick Bandy, Community User
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