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The Castle of Arco in the work Albrecht Dürers (1495)

Memories of art and words in Garda Trentino

Garda Trentino, over the centuries, has been the destination and place of stay for many artists and writers, who then represented its beauty with images and words. From Dürer to Goethe, from Rilke to Thomas Mann, from Pratolini to Kafka, there are countless suggestions that can still be found today in the area, following our itineraries.
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Top easy
2 km
0:40 h
2 m
160 m

A literary stroll which follows in the footsteps of the great German poet Goethe from Nago to Torbole, during his celebrated Italian tour (1786 - ...

from IAT Garda Trentino,   Garda Trentino
Hiking trail · Garda Trentino
The Dürer Promenade in Arco
Top easy
7.6 km
2:20 h
212 m
212 m

A walk from the centre of Arco to Varignano, in the footsteps of the painter Albrecht Dürer who at the end of the 15th century was inspired by ...

from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
Theme trail · Garda Lake
Hidden Treadures: Rilke Promenade
Top easy
7.1 km
2:19 h
259 m
265 m

A literary stroll in the shadow of Arco Castle, following in the footsteps of the great Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke, who drew inspiration from ...

from IAT Garda Trentino,   Garda Trentino
Top easy
1.7 km
0:26 h
14 m
3 m

An urban trail through the historic centre of Riva which connects the buildings designed by Giancarlo Maroni, the architect of the Vittoriale ...

from IAT Garda Trentino,   Garda Trentino