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Equipped trail "del Berghem": Foci - Laste Basse - Berghem - San Martino

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  • mountain hike at Lake Garda: Equipped trail "del Berghem": Foci - Laste ...
    / mountain hike at Lake Garda: Equipped trail "del Berghem": Foci - Laste ...
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  • / View in direction Dom
    Photo: APT Garda Trentino, Garda Trentino
  • / Starting point of the trail
    Photo: APT Garda Trentino, Garda Trentino
  • / The trail "del Berghem"
    Photo: B. Angelini, Garda Trentino
  • / The waterfall "Ert"
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  • / Pic-Nic Area along the trail
    Photo: APT Garda Trentino, Garda Trentino
  • / Campi
    Photo: APT Garda Trentino, Garda Trentino
  • / The village Campi
    Photo: B. Angelini, Garda Trentino
m 1000 800 600 400 200 4 3 2 1 km Archaeological site …

A new trail, inaugurated in May 2017, which climbs the slopes of Rocchetta and Monte Tombio, connecting Riva del Garda to the archaeological site of San Martino.

4.9 km
2:31 h
718 m
79 m

The trail heads up the valley of the Gamella stream, a little known but spectacular area of Garda Trentino, rich in waterfalls.

It has sections fitted with metal cables and steps; this is the reason why it is graded EE and should only be used by experienced hikers.

Before going back to Riva, you can head on as far as Malga Grassi and stop off at Capanna Grassi, well known for the tasty local food.

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The trail ends at the archeological site San Martino, one of the most important of Garda Trentino. User
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Updated: April 30, 2020

Highest point
San Martino , 764 m
Lowest point
Riva del Garda, 117 m
Best time of year

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Tips, hints and links

  • Thanks to SAT – Trento Mountaineering Association (Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini)– for the GPX tracks.
    All the SAT trail tracks in Trentino can be downloaded for personal use on (website only in Italian). 
  • For more information on routes and hike services: guides, shops and hiking friendly accommodation:  APT Garda Trentino, Tel. +39 0464 554444


Riva del Garda - San Giacomo (117 m)
45.896083, 10.835020
32T 642354 5084139


Archeological site San Martino

Turn-by-turn directions

Starting from the district of San Giacomo (to the north of the centre of Riva del Garda), take the road which heads up to the left. Here there is a plaque dedicating the trail to Claudio Fedrizzi. Continue to the left until you come to a steep uphill stretch as far as the old settlement Foci. A bridge crosses the ravine on the Albola stream. Here you leave the path which leads to the chapel of Santa Maria Maddalena and proceed uphill to the right on the steep slopes under Rochetta, aided by some metal cables, steps and handholds.
The trail offers dizzying views over the Albola valley and, after a section fitted with iron cables, leads to the spectacular and little known Ert waterfall. Two wooden gangways cross over to the other side of the valley and the slopes of Monte Tombio. An easy mule track takes you up through the woods till you come to a ledge fitted with metal cables. You can now see the town of Campi.

The track levels out and continues to Zumiani, passes among the houses and crosses the main road. On the right, a steep dirt track leads to the archaeological site of San Martino.

You can return from San Martino to Riva by heading down to Campi and taking the Pinza trail. Otherwise you can head on as far as Malga Grassi and from there to the mountain hut Rifugio Nino Pernici. At Malga Grassi you can also stop off at Capanna Grassi, well known for the tasty local food.


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Public transport

Public transport friendly

Riva del Garda is connected to ther centres of Garda Trentino with local buses. Info and timetable:  
From the centre it takes about 20 min. walking to the starting point of the trail. 

Getting there

Getting to northern lake Garda / Garda Trentino: 


Parking place in San Giacomo

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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  • Garda Trentino trekking map – On sale in information offices in Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole and online

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Manfredo C. Frei
September 25, 2017 · Community
Schöne Tour abseits der "großen Bekannten" Die Tour verläuft mehr oder weniger im Schatten, ist also auch bei Hitze gut geeignet. Die Zeitangabe von 02:30 Stunden ist seeehr großzügig bemessen, denke die meisten sportlichen Wanderer sollten unter 2 Stunden auskommen. Zurück gibt es eine Alternative über den Sentiero Della Pinza, den haben wir aber leider nicht gefunden, da der auf unserer Karte leider nicht eingezeichnet war. Daher den Rückweg vorher checken, somit wär's ein schöner Rundweg. Für kleine Kinder eher nicht geeignet, da zumindest im ersten Drittel durchgehend Absturzgelände, wenn auch einem der Weg recht einfach erscheint bzw auch ist. Einmal "Hans kuck in die Luft" könnte hier schon ein trauriges Ende nehmen.
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Montag, 25. September 2017 19:52:51
Photo: Manfredo C. Frei, Community
Montag, 25. September 2017 19:53:11
Photo: Manfredo C. Frei, Community
Montag, 25. September 2017 19:53:29
Photo: Manfredo C. Frei, Community

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4.9 km
718 m
79 m
Public transport friendly Scenic Geological highlights Botanical highlights


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