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Ponale Trail: The top trek in Garda Trentino

(2) Mountain tour • Lake Garda
  • Blick auf Riva del Garda
    / Blick auf Riva del Garda
    Photo: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors
  • Die Ponalestraße
    / Die Ponalestraße
    Photo: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors
  • The Ponale trail
    / The Ponale trail
    Photo: Foto LaValeBellotti, Garda Trentino
  • View from the Ponale trail
    / View from the Ponale trail
    Photo: Archivio Garda Trentino - Foto di S. Giogli, Garda Trentino
Map / Ponale Trail: The top trek in Garda Trentino

The Ponale Trail is the best known and most popular in Garda Trentino: easy but at the same time spectacular as its winds sheer above the lake, a classic trek you can't afford to miss.

249 m
193 m
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The line of the Old Ponale Road stands out against the mountainside and is clearly visible from the beaches in Riva and Torbole. The Ponale is an icon of Garda Trentino, much loved by visitors and locals alike who never tire of the spectacular views it offers at every bend.

Author's recommendation

The Ponale Road is famous not only for the unequalled panorama of the lake but also for the military installations you can see along the trail. When you come to the second and third tunnels you can see remains of the Tagliata del Ponale, imposing fortifications built by the Austro-Hungarians from 1860 onwards which consist of tunnels excavated into the rock and trenches which stretch from lake level to the outposts overlooking the current trail. Today the Tagliata complex is normally closed to the public for reasons of safety. User
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Updated: 2017-06-20

Difficulty easy
172 m
64 m
Best time of year

With refreshment stops With refreshment stops
Suitable for families and children Suitable for families and children
Public transport friendly
Nice views

Safety information

Warning! The trail presents no technical difficulties but is prone to rock falls.

The information on this chart is subject to inevitable variations, so this means that none of the indications are absolute. It is not entirely possible to avoid giving inexact or imprecise information, given how quickly environmental and weather conditions can change. For this reason we decline any responsibility for changes which the user may encounter. In any case,  the hiker is advised to check the conditions of the places, environment and weather before setting out.


You need to be wearing the right clothing and take the proper gear when you go hiking in the mountains. Even on relatively short easy outings make sure to take all you need so you don't run into trouble if things take an unexpected turn, for example a storm blows up or you have a sudden drop in energy levels.

What should you take when you go on a hike?

What you should have in your rucksack (for a day trip a 25/30L capacity should do):

  • water canteen (1L)
  • snacks (e.g. mixed dried fruit or chocolate)
  • First aid kit
  • windproof jacket
  • fleece
  • change of t-shirt and socks (in a plastic bag)
  • make sure to wear or at least bring a pair of long trousers
  • hat
  • sun screen
  • sunglasses
  • gloves
  • whistle to attract attention in an emergency
  • emergency telephone number Mountain Rescue 118

Make sure you're wearing the right footwear for the trail and season. The going can get rough and rocky underfoot and a pair of hiking boots will protect you from sprains. When wet, a grassy slope, rocky slab or steep trail can be dangerous unless you are wearing the proper footwear.

And finally...
... don't forget to bring your camera! You'll need it to capture the stunning views you come across all over Garda Trentino. And if you like, you can share your memories with us at #GardaTrentino.

Tips, hints and links

The Ponale Road was begun in 1851, an ambitious project to link Lake Garda and Valle di Ledro which up till then had been cut off from the rest of Trentino. It was opened to road traffic at the end of the 80s with the opening of the new tunnel to Valle di Ledro which was subsequently turned into a cycle path in 2004.


Riva del Garda (69 m)
Geogr. 45.883608 N 10.838726 E
UTM 32T 642674 5082759


Belvedere Ponale Alto

Turn-by-turn directions

From the hydroelectric power station of Riva del Garda, head south. The start of the trail is just before the tunnel, on your right hand side. This trail winds sheer above the waters of the lake and there are breathtaking views at every bend.

The first part of the hike finishes at Belvedere (now a stop-off point for refreshments during the summer season). If you wish, you can finish the excursion here and head back the way you came to Riva.

Otherwise, you can choose to continue on up to the right towards Valle di Ledro and its lake or else head left until you come to Pregasina. Here you can stop off for something to eat and drink before heading back along the same trail (about 1 h 30) or else by public transport .

Public transport:

This tour is conveniently accessible by public transport.

Riva del Garda, the starting point of your hike, is connected to other towns in Garda Trentino by a number of urban and intercity bus lines.

To get back to where you started from, you can take the bus line Riva del Garda - Valle di Ledro, getting on at the bus stop in Pregasina or the Pregasina junction (which you can get to after the Belvedere by heading up to the right along a series of switchback bends).

Information on bus times:

Tickets can be bought on the bus.

Getting there:

Riva del Garda is easy to get to (about 18km) from the toll-booth Rovereto Sud - Lago di Garda Nord.
Other directions on how to get to Garda Trentino:


There are a number of pay parking areas near the start of the trail (via Monte Oro, piazza Catena)

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s Map Recommendations

  • Die Wanderkarte Garda Trentino kann in den Informationsbüros in Riva del Garda, Arco und Torbole erworben werden.


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Claudia Dareggi
L'incantevole veduta del lago e delle rocce a strapiombo è una costante di tutto il percorso. Percorso semplice.
Vista dal percorso
Vista dal percorso
Photo: Claudia Dareggi, Community
Vista da punto di vedetta
Vista da punto di vedetta
Photo: Claudia Dareggi, Community
Photo: Claudia Dareggi, Community

Annika Hüske
Der Weg gehört zu den schönsten Panoramawegen Europas und hat diese Auszeichnung absolut verdient! Man kann die Wanderung verlängern, indem man am Wasserfall in das Ledrotal geht und von dort aus auf schönen Wegen bis zum Ledrosee wandert (ca. 2 Stunden vom Wasserfall aus). Von dort kann man mit dem Bus zurück nach Riva fahren.
Photo: Community
Photo: Community
Photo: Community

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Difficulty easy
Distance 3.1 km
Duration 1:34 hrs
Ascent 249 m
Descent 193 m


Public transport friendly Nice views With refreshment stops Suitable for families and children


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