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GardaTrek - Medium Loop: 4 tappe attorno al Garda Trentino


Shirley Fung

04.08.2019 · Community
We, 2 of us , from Hong Kong, are planning to have hiking at GardaTrek - Medium Loop: 4 stages around Garda Trentino from 19-23th September, 2019. Would you please advise us where we can have a more comprehensive map for this Trek, that may help us more easly to follow the route. Thanks Shirley

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Risposta da Valentina Bellotti · 05.08.2019 · Garda Trentino
Hello Shirley! Thanks for contacting us. You can order our hiking map at If you have further questions please write to (at Valentina's attention). Looking forward to meeting you in Garda Trentino! User
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